Forget the Facts! Tell a Story!

Stories have this magical power to make our rational minds, our evaluative mechanisms, and our analytical left-hemisphere shut down (or at least go numb). Don’t worry; this isn’t something to be scared of. We haven’t gone brain dead; we have simply opened up other, more creative parts of our minds and given them a chance to play a role. When we hear stories our right hemisphere takes over, allowing us to think with emotions instead of evaluation and integrate rather than analyze. When we do this, our brains automatically attempt to find connections between the various signals and create relationships between emotions and images.

Unlike facts, which people tend to accept or reject in terms like true or false, people often get sucked into a story without even knowing it. They allow dogmatic ideas of black and white to fall into the background in favor of more aesthetic categorizations such as like and dislike, boring and entertaining. In this way, we manage to surpass the rational mind and communicate with our partners on a subconscious level, embedding our message into the deep wrinkles of the left hemisphere.

So, if  you want to sell your products and ideas successfully and your customers are not robots, then use the power of the story to aid you! Forget the facts and tell a story. Excite them! Enthrall them! I guarantee you’ll infect them with something they won’t easily forget!

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